Google flooring trends and you’ll find any number of websites and blog posts with all sorts of information about engineered hardwood flooring. As a trusted source, Forestry Timber’s team knows a lot about flooring, specifically, engineered hardwood flooring in both residential and commercial spaces.

2020 and 2021 have seen an increase in home renovations and new home builds. Whether upgrading spaces to be more flexible – a living room that transitions to a classroom during the day, space to work out while staying indoors, a more functional kitchen – or a brand-new build, people are working to create spaces that better meet their needs.

Deciding to build a new home or renovate an existing one is exciting. Working to create spaces to meet the needs of you and your family is an adventure. As with all adventures; however, there are ups and downs and, sometimes, more questions than answers. Making hundreds, if not thousands of decisions – big and small – can be exhausting. Decision fatigue is real.

Floors are the foundation of every home – in both form and function. Choosing the best floor for your space is one of the larger investment decisions you’ll make. Floors are expected to be long-lasting, hard-wearing, great looking and add value to your home. Choosing engineered hardwood flooring is a wise choice on many levels.

Here we’ve put together a short guide to some frequently asked questions that you might want answers to when it comes to choosing the right floor for your home:

What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Simply put, engineered hardwood is wood flooring consisting of multiple layers to achieve longevity, durability and stability. Engineered hardwood flooring has a foundation layer made of a medium-density hardwood, a core layer engineered to all but eliminate expansion and contraction or movement when exposed to varying temperatures, humidity and moisture, a top layer of the species of your choice and treated with a protective anti-scratch coating to increase durability.

Why Should I Use Engineered Hardwood Flooring in my Home?

Wood floors are easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and a great alternative for people with allergies or other health concerns.

When manufactured with care, engineered hardwood floors are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. With a wide range of colours, finishes, grades, patterns and more, you can choose an engineered wood floor to create the look and feel you want in your home.

Where Does the Wood Used to Make Engineered Hardwood Flooring Come From?

At Forestry Timber, our extensive collection of engineered wood floors consists of legally harvested, carefully selected wood from Western Europe, Brazil, Southeast Asia, Australia and North America. We are committed to ethically sourcing our wood and are focused on sustainability.

What do Engineered Hardwood Floors Look Like?

Our engineered hardwood floors look incredible (pardon our lack of modesty). With ten collections in a huge range of colors, finishes and styles, we have the floor that’s right for you. Have some fun and try out our Room Visualizer tool to get an idea of how our floors will look in your space.

Hardwood flooring engineered for living Designed to impress.