Why not partner with Forestry Timber Brands?

Forestry Timber makes things easy for anyone who would like to import engineered wood flooring directly for distribution & sales – without the need to reinvent new flooring brands or invest in costly branding.

We support all marketing activities and provide additional benefits to clients who use Forestry Timber’s well-established flooring brands over private label.

Another benefit to clients who buy one of our five brands is exclusive access to an extensive photo library of high-resolution images of room/flooring renders, projects and high-definition scans.

Each of our brands has a dedicated end-user website that speaks directly to the target audience, including residential and commercial flooring.

Any leads generated through our websites are directed back to our clients in the appropriate city.

Our end-user websites have an augmented reality application as well as room planners in seven different languages – giving the end user an idea of how the floor is likely to look in their own space.

We are happy to provide assistance with showroom design and recommendations and offer discounts for showroom display samples.

As a business we are continually monitoring trends in each market to understand what people are looking for in terms of texture, colour, and overall look in flooring near them.


Our CEO is very hands-on with providing expertise and guidance on selecting wood flooring ranges for our clients.

Our global sales team of Regional Sales Directors know their markets intimately as well as understanding the flooring competition in those regions.

We attend three major tradeshows annually in Europe and the USA and heavily promote our home brands, increasing exposure for our clients.

Forestry Timber has five brands, each appealing to different markets. However, our collections are not locked in to any one brand.

Rather, we give our clients full flexibility of their choice of wood flooring options.



Woodline Parquetry is a well-established wood flooring brand in the USA, Europe and Australia. Woodline projects high-end, classic engineered wood flooring.


Timbertop is another of our sought-after strong brands; WOOD you want to walk on anything else?


Sienna Parquetry is the youngest of our brands, one that appeals to younger generations with its bold colours.


Floorart Parquetry a very well-established brand in Europe and the USA, projecting subtle elegance and sought after high-end engineered wood flooring.


Elyseum Fertigparkett; a European-oriented parquetry brand by name – with a bold branding statement.

Client Testimonials:

“Working with Shad and the entire team feels like a true partnership. Their ready-to-go marketing materials make launching a new product easy and exciting!

Their team stands behind their product and is there every step of the way to answer questions and are accommodating with any necessary adjustments.

Their top of the line products and resources give us confidence and we rest assured, knowing we are aligning ourselves with true professionals.”

Tatiana – Timbertop

The biggest value of the FloorArt brand is awareness and preference in the domestic Architect and Designer world, utilizing a European model for brand exposure. 

As we sell the brand we have reduced rates and variety of sample materials which allow us to create multiple options of appeal to our wholesale customers and above all the end-user.

George – FloorArt Parquetry