Forestry Timber has a huge selection of wood flooring options, offering a wide range of colours, species, textures and dimensions. Our engineered wood flooring plank widths range from 145mm – 400mm (5 1⁄2″ – 15 3⁄4″), and lengths run 1820mm – 3000mm (6’- 10’).

We work with many varieties of timber. Our most popular are Western European Oak and Ash imported from Europe, Tasmanian Oak from Australia and Pecan from the USA.

Beyond our primary timber varieties, we offer wood flooring options using a range of other species: Australian Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Blue Gum and Jarrah and American Cherry, Hard Maple, American White Ash, American Black Walnut, Doussie, Douglas Fir, Iroko, Jatoba, Santos Mahogany, Sucupira, and Wenge.

Our flooring textures and patterns are creative, innovative and well thought out, delivering the desired look for each of our worldwide markets.

Forestry Timber is a world leader in Reactive Stain technologies, creating unique colour palettes that allow the individual characteristics of each tree to shine through in the finished product.

To ensure that our wood flooring is sustainable, all of our wood finishes and processes are environmentally responsible with zero emissions.


FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS – Passion is at the core of all that we do

Our Forestry Timber team are passionate about our products, passionate about customer service and passionate about bringing together cutting-edge technology and handcraftsmanship to create stunning floors that last a lifetime.

The factory and business are 100% family owned. We manufacture all of our flooring and everything we do is geared toward ensuring that we deliver high-end quality flooring that meets or exceeds stringent global regulations.

Our global team of Sales Directors nurture all their client relationships, who in turn become part of our extended family. We work very closely with each of our Sales Directors to make sure we meet the needs of our clients’ markets.


From living space to bedroom, restaurant to retail, hotel to commercial and just about everywhere in between our flooring creates a unique character, tone and ambiance that our customers love.

By exploring our wood flooring collections, you will be able to discover the right flooring – whether for a residential or commercial project.


We are continuously testing, modifying, and adding flooring products to our range, providing our clients with extensive options for construction and building projects.

Everything from cutting and drying raw wood materials, grading and pressing through right to the final wood flooring is strictly controlled in-house to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained.


We have earned the following healthy interior climate labels that are applicable to any of our floors:
Adhesives that have Zero emissions, VOC A+, No Added Formaldehyde, FloorScore certified, and CE – compliant.

FIRE RESISTANCE is a crucial safety requirement for all buildings. At Forestry Timber our 22mm floors are categorised Cfl – s1 for Europe and is suitable for both residential and commercial projects.


Forestry Timber flooring is suitable for radiant underfloor heating.


From the first carefully selected tree to the installation of the final plank we craft our floors with love. Each tree is unique and every floor we create is an individual work of art.

Our craftsmen work by hand using both age-old techniques and cutting-edge technologies to create a visually stunning result that is as individual as each of our customers.

Forestry Timber employs sound environmental care policies by using renewable resources and VOC-safe components.

We take great pride in offering a completely safe, green product.

The composition of our triple-layered engineered flooring includes the use of legally compliant and renewable timber resources.

All processes are very carefully considered to ensure that our floors remain environmentally friendly and aesthetically beautiful.

Our flooring can contribute towards satisfying Credit “Low Emitting Materials” under LEED® and meets the testing requirements and emission levels criteria for VOC emissions at the exemplary BREEAM Level.

As we are Chain of Custody Certified, we have flooring available on request only in both FSC® & PEFCTM.


We manufacture our flooring in Indonesia and distribute it to the world.

Each plank is engineered in three layers, the foundation and core layers are made up of 70% plantation species with the top layer is from legally harvested imported wood mainly from western Europe, Australia or USA.

We have exported worldwide for 30 years with full chain of Custody documents, SVLK/FLEGT certification.

Our flooring meets stringent import policies of all major markets such as Europe’s EUTR, USA’s Lacey Act & The Australian illegal logging prohibition act of 2012, as well as the UK post-Brexit UKTR.