There are a multitude of decisions to be made when building or decorating a home or retail space.

From light fixtures to knobs, handles, storage and many, many more … Every choice, every decision has an effect on the final outcome.

Making the wrong decision, especially when it comes to major purchases like hardwood floors, can make or break the overall impression of a space.

Basing such a major decision on a small sample or photograph can be difficult – attempting to imagine the finished space when one’s head is already occupied by long to-do lists, decisions to be made, etc. – it’s no wonder many consumers experience decision fatigue.

Forestry Timber’s Room Visualizer is a fantastic, revolutionary­ tool that helps people see how different floors will look in a space.

Easy to use with no downloads or sign-ups necessary, the Room Visualizer lets users take a photograph of a residential or commercial space and “try out” different hardwood flooring options.

It’s engaging, fun to use and a great way to help people envision what a space will look like.

Whether it’s a large empty room or a fully furnished space, the room visualizer lets anyone with a smartphone look at any of our engineered flooring options: blond oak, dark Tasmanian Oak, distressed-looking surface or smooth with minimal knots … you name it, they can try it out.

While there are still a lot of choices, using the Room Visualizer helps consumers find their preferences and “see” how their room’s flooring will look without added stress.

Dealers, designers, architects and consumers can use the Room Visualizer to play around with different floors for their own spaces or use one of our rendered stock images available to showcase engineered hardwood flooring options.

Great looking rooms begin with great looking floors from Forestry Timber. Contact us today for more information.

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