You’ve got your stunning new engineered hardwood floors installed; you’ve decorated your space – now what?

People invest a lot of time, energy and money into building a new home or renovating an existing property. After having decided on the floor that best meets their needs, whether for aesthetics, to minimize allergens or a combination of both, it would be a shame to accidentally damage those floors.

At the same time, people need to relax in their spaces and not use up mental bandwidth worrying about damaging their floors or taking on extra work to keep their floors clean and in great condition.

With the right care and attention, your engineered hardwood floors can last a lifetime, not only giving you a space that makes you happy but also increasing your property value. Here are some easy tips for protecting your floors and keep them looking great!

Sun shining into a room with a hammock chair, a coffee table, a bed and a rug on an engineered hardwoodwood floor.

To get rid of daily dust buildup and remove any larger pieces of grit that might end up damaging your floors, sweep or vacuum your floors daily using a soft broom or vacuum attachment (ideally with felt pads attached to avoid scratches).

floor polishing mop on a wood floor

At least once a week wash your floors using a damp – not wet – mop. In our experience, the best engineered wood floor cleaner – and one we highly recommend – is Bona’s water-based hardwood floor cleaner. Otherwise, you can use very hot water and a well wrung-out mop for cleaning. Hot water kills germs and won’t leave a nasty residue on your floors.

Quick tip: if any residual water from mopping does not evaporate from your floor in a minute or less, your mop is too wet.

Red wine and a tipped over wine glass on a wood floor.

Liquid is NOT your friend when it comes to wood floors. If you spill liquids on your floor or track in mud, water, snow or sand, wipe it up immediately. Pooled water, outside dirt and other debris will wreak havoc on your beautiful timber floors.

Two pairs of adult shoes and a pair of baby shoes on a yellow floor mat. Home is written on the mat

Protect high traffic areas like well-used hallways or main entrances. A hallway runner or well-placed mat for wiping feet or holding shoes will go a long way to protecting your floors, especially if you live in a climate with inclement weather conditions.

Hand affixing floor protector pads to the legs of a chair.

If your furniture isn’t already sitting on a rug, use casters or felt pads underneath to protect your floors from scratches. They are unobtrusive and worth their weight in gold.

Bright sunlight streaming through a window and illuminating a plant

As much as the sun can damage your skin, it can also wreak havoc on your floors, fading the color and making it look dull over time. Regularly rotating rugs and furniture reduces exposure and minimizes UV damage or – hang some curtains to reduce UV exposure when the sun is at its strongest.

Close-up of a dog lying down on a wood floor.

Lastly, if you have cats or dogs, keep their nails clipped to reduce the chance of having them scratch your floors.

Forestry Timber’s engineered hardwood floors are built to last. With care and attention, your floors will last a lifetime and look great throughout the journey. For more detailed information regarding the care and keeping of your engineered hardwood floor, visit our resource center.

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