Wood Flooring

The Ultimate Fashion Statement for 2024

Wood flooring is not just a practical choice for your home. It is a statement of your taste, your respect for nature, and your vision for the future. In 2024, wood flooring will dominate the interior design scene, offering endless possibilities to suit every style and budget. Join us as we discover the most cutting-edge and creative innovations in wood flooring, where form and function are perfectly balanced.

Sustainable Chic

Nothing says elegance like reclaimed timber. At Forestry, the Heritage collection features 18th-century French oak flooring, naturally aged and rich in character. Forestry Timber is a pioneer in sustainable wood flooring, sourcing materials from certified forests and supporting environmental initiatives.

Heritage Collection Distressed bevels and handcrafted planks with undulating hand scrapping.

Artisanal Marvels

Nothing beats the authenticity of artisanal craftsmanship. Each plank is a work of art, with hand-scraped textures, intricate inlays, and custom patterns. Celebrate the beauty of imperfection, as each flaw reveals the human touch. These floors are not just surfaces, they are stories, inviting you to connect with the wood and its history.

Urban Edge

Nothing is more daring than wood flooring in the city. Dark finishes create a striking contrast with light and space. Monolithic planks create a sleek and minimalist look. This is wood flooring with attitude, confident and sophisticated. At Forestry, explore the dark shades of the Fashion Collection, engineered hardwood flooring in Chevron or Herringbone pattern, made from Western European Oak, Ash or Walnut.

Segovia Herringbone – Heritage Collection

Walnut Chevron – Smoked Oak Polos

Textural Symphony

Nothing is more sensual than texture on the floor. Rough-hewn, wire-brushed, and distressed – each plank has a distinctive feel. Imperfections are melodies, inviting you to appreciate the natural beauty of wood. At Forestry, the Heritage Collection has Western European Oak floors from a bygone era, with large knots and natural texture, hand-scraped by artisans for a smooth aged finish.

Bergen Heritage Collection, highlighting open and raised knots.

In 2024, embrace the art and craft of wood flooring, where wood is poetry, and homes are verses.