Have you ever tried to make one of the designer cakes you see on TV or in magazines? Or being inspired to take on a renovation or decorating project?

As evidenced by the of abundance streaming TV series, magazines and websites, people love the idea of designing their perfect space; be it a room, an entire home, or a business or retail space. Unless you’re watching one of those streaming series where the bigger the fail the better – these sites, shows, and magazines make It all look relatively easy to just do it yourself.

The reality is, however, that it can be more difficult than it looks on screen. While people have an idea of what they’re looking for when designing a space, it can be easy to fall victim to an abundance of choice, not to mention the nitty gritty details.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as choosing new cushion covers for your throw pillows or some new art for your walls. Cosmetic changes to freshen up your space.

At other times, you’re going right back to bare bones. Is it a new build? Revamping a retail or office space? Ripping up old carpets to replace your floors with something more stylish and / or practical? Are there any exceptions and / or additions you need to consider to make your space accessible? Where do you start?

Creating a vision board and pinning images – whether real or virtual – that appeal for one reason or another makes a great first step. Take the time to look a little closer at the spaces around you and note both what you like and what you don’t. Once you’ve gathered your ideas and some samples you can take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Ideally, you’ll see some common threads throughout. If nothing else, you’ll have a good idea of what you don’t want.

Flooring is often overlooked and frequently underappreciated – yet it sets the tone for every room. Whether a hotel lobby, a restaurant, your office, or your living room – the flooring you choose underpins your entire aesthetic.

At Forestry Timber we have myriad images on our website to peruse. You can take a virtual stroll through our timber floors by collection or by colour. More so, the tools we have on our site give you an opportunity to envision what your space will look like with an engineered hardwood floor.

Our Room Planner is great if you’re looking for ideas. Featuring nine different collections, you have the ability to play around with floor colours and textures, plank width and length, the direction of your flooring (especially handy if you’re choosing a herringbone or chevron-patterned floor) even different species of timber. The menu is easy to navigate and you can choose the room style you’re looking at (kitchen, bedroom, commercial, etc.)

Another handy tool we have if the Room Visualizer.  Using a smart phone, you can take a photo of any space, like your living room. Then, using the Room Visualizer – virtually install any of our floors into your own space. You’ll see floors with your own furniture, see how available light affects your choices, and you can change the floors on the fly. Our room visualizer is a lot of fun to play around with – give it a try.

With patience, time and a little bit of legwork, your dream space is one step closer. Great looking rooms begin with great looking floors from Forestry Timber.

To find one of our many distributors worldwide or for more information, please visit any one of our brand websites: Woodline Parquetry, TimberTop, FloorArt Parquetry Elyseum Fertigparkett, or Sienna Parquetry, or contact any of our sales team and they will be more than happy to help.

Hardwood flooring engineered for living, Designed to Impress.