Flooring Design

Whether you’re designing a space from the ground up or renovating an existing space, the flooring you choose is important. A great looking floor can elevate any space, acting as a foundation for the rest of a room’s design and enhancing your choice of furniture and other design elements.

San Marino – Warm Grey Oak

Depending on your end goal, the floor you choose can make a small space look larger, airy, and more open – or a larger space look cosier and more welcoming.

The Heritage Collection

At Forestry Timber, our Heritage Collection is one we’re particularly proud of. With 35 different floors in four categories within the collection, not to mention varying plank lengths and widths, there truly is a floor for every space.

Designed to recreate the look and feel of 18th century reclaimed oak floors, our engineered hardwood floors reflect the beauty, luxury, and style of another time.

Bruges – Light Brown Western European Oak

Imagine the European castles, old monasteries, and manors of yesteryear. With grand entrances, vast ballrooms, and galleries with timeless artworks on the walls, these buildings were majestic.

Bringing the Best of History to the Modern World

While homes of this size are not common in the 21st century, we can replicate some of those elements that are most appealing and bring that majesty to any space. In this case, it’s the floors.

Toledo – Light Brown Oak

Given the scarcity of – and difficulty obtaining – reclaimed 18th century French oak planks, our craftspeople have worked to recreate the timeless beauty of these floors.

Combining modern, cutting-edge technology and time-honoured finishing techniques, our artisans have created stunning, durable engineered hardwood floors that exhibit all the characteristics of these beautiful old-world floors from another time – bringing the best of both worlds to your space.

With well-worn textured planks, distressed or cupped edges, open and pronounced knots, and varying plank widths, you can have a floor that reflects your unique style.

Flooring Options

There are so many flooring options in our Heritage Collection it can be hard to choose – but we’re always happy to help. You might be in the market for a light-coloured floor to make your space airy and bright, warm, or cool greys or dark, rich colours to bring depth and drama to your space.

Coloured Flooring

Some of the floors in the Heritage Collection sport randomly placed bowties to replicate the joins used between planks. Others display visible knots and you have your choice of plank widths. One fabulous design trend is to have floors with multi-width planks, randomly placed throughout.

Luxembourg – Warm Grey Oak

Another option is to have engineered hardwood flooring with wide planks. Either way, your space will look incredible. With flooring that acts as a beautiful backdrop to your home or workspace.

Verona in Herringbone

Flooring from our Heritage Collection also make the ideal material to elevate your design even further with the option of either a herringbone or chevron pattern.

No matter the collection, Hevea Brasiliensis forms the core of our all of our engineered hardwood floors, providing greater dimensional stability and the strength to withstand fluctuations in both temperature and humidity.

Further, all our floors are easy to install, with both tongue and groove and Välinge 5G.

For more inspiration, have a look at the catalogue section of our website.

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