Forestry Timber’s sales team is available to you worldwide, no matter where you are. Covering nearly every continent, our team brings close to 100 years’ experience in the engineered hardwood flooring industry to every client.

Our team of flooring experts is committed to delivering an exceptional product AND exceptional service to our clients, worldwide.

Thomas is one of our European sales representatives, covering Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece and the Netherlands.

Forestry Timber Sales Team-Thomas Riese

Thomas has a long history in the wood flooring business, being the fifth generation in his family to own and operate the family business. He learned about wood floors from his parents and their parents before them.

Thomas has been with Forestry Timber since 2006, sharing his expertise, in-depth knowledge and understanding of both the business and our product, making Thomas the ideal business partner for distributors throughout Europe.

If you are looking for engineered hardwood flooring solutions throughout Europe, reach out to Thomas via our website.

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