We are pleased to share some of the upcoming wood flooring design trends for 2021 as we introduce the Heritage Collection – one of our widest range of engineered hardwood flooring products. Contact us if you have questions about any of our collections and what is available in your market. 

forestry timber wood flooring trends 2021

Rising to the Challenges of 2020

2020 has been a year with many challenges. With few, if any, opportunities to travel, online school, working from home and many outside activities curtailed if not downright cancelled – people are spending more and more time at home. 

Finding dedicated space to work or study, and making or creating spaces to best suit our needs has led people to either build new homes or renovate existing spaces.  

With any renovation or new build, flooring is a major consideration. People expect a high-quality product that is environmentally friendly, visually appealing, can withstand wear and tear and changing design trends – and is easy to maintain. 


Flooring Trends for 2021

Biarritz Chevron single plank wood flooring

There are a number of flooring trends going into 2021. People are looking to bring the outside in with more natural palettes, adding patterns like our Herringbone and Chevron designs, wider planks, floors evocative of reclaimed planks and different textures & hues to make their floors unique. 

Forestry Timber creates engineered hardwood flooring that meet all of these criteria. With ten collections to choose from, planks in varying widths and lengths, finishes, colours and styles, there is a floor for everyone.


Introducing the Heritage Collection 

We are very pleased to have introduced the Heritage collection this year.  

Inspired by European castles, manors and other grand buildings of centuries past, the collection captures the timeless elegance of reclaimed French oak planks with our engineered wood flooring. 

Time-honoured finishing techniques coupled with cutting-edge, proprietary technology ensure our floors are not only stunning to look at but also long-lasting and durable – bringing the best of both worlds to your space. 

With randomly placed bowties to replicate the joins used between planks, visible knots, heavily textured planks and varied widths, flooring from the Heritage Collection is sure to add elegance and character to any room. 



Multi-width Planks

One exciting design trend for 2021 – available in six of the 35 floor styles in the Heritage Collection (Bordeaux, Cordoba Evora, Segovia, Strasbourg, and Tarragona) – is having multi-width planks on your floor. Planks of varying widths and lengths from the Heritage Collection are reminiscent of 18th century French Oak, making the floor of any space a work of art.  


Room Visualizer Wood Flooring Tool


Room Visualizer

One of the great tools we offer is our Room Visualizer. Using a mobile phone, you can virtually “try out” any of our collections on your own to get an idea of how the floor will look. Or, visit our collection page to see the full range of engineered hardwood flooring we provide. 


Hardwood flooring engineered for living. Designed to Impress.